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My Summer Beauty Routine is Getting a Facelift

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Summa time is coming!!! I am so excited! Between the casual mornings with my babies, beach days with friends and the occasional girls’ night out, summer is a time to catch up on all the little things that make us happy. And lately, I’ve been thinking about freshening up my summer beauty routine and doing more things for me.

Listen amigas, I’m not getting any younger. Technically a Millenial, sometimes Mom Life has got me feeling much older than I actually am. So when Target invited me and some friends to a swanky Beverly Hills hotel to check out their beautiful line of beauty products, swimsuits and accessories, the inspiration hit: maybe there’s a way to create a beauty routine that was fresh and minimal. Like a facelift, of sorts 🙂

Beautiful Summer Palettes at Target

I have piles and piles of eyeshadows and blushes stuffed into makeup bags for the last too-many years, so I wanted to simplify my beauty process and actually have fun with it again. As a busy mom, I don’t even wear makeup that often, but all the old products were deterring my desire to get dolled up like I once enjoyed doing.

It was time for a summer beauty overhaul!

These summer beauty palettes from Pixi at Target are absolutely beautiful and are exactly what I needed for a minimalized beauty regime. They make it easy for me to store, grab and apply, even on the most hectic summer days. The eyeshadow palette offers a wide range of shades that can take any look from day to night and the lip gloss palette is lovely too. But my favorite, by far, is the Pixi by Petra Strobe Chisel Palette.

Contouring is so intimidating to me! The Pixi palette gives me all the colors I need to bring a soft, natural glow and sheer sunkissed warmth to my skin while adding subtle dimension to my features. The highlighters give a soft glowing luminosity while the bronze shades help create natural definition.


I also picked up two new skincare products from the same line, the Pixi by Petra Sun Mist and Hydrating Milk Mist. My favorite is that they’re both spray applicants. The sun mist is made with chamomile and bamboo extracts, and smell so lovely, keeping my face moisturized and protected too.


I don’t want my summer beauty routine to add stress to my mornings, but I am excited to freshen up my look. The palettes give me all the shades I need, without all the extra stuff I don’t.

Along with some great, new sunglasses and a pretty makeup holder, I’m ready to create a summer beauty routine that is both minimal, yet updated.

Eeeek, I’m so excited! Bring on summer!

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