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On Ray Rice, Ferguson and Raising Multiracial Children

When you’re overcome with worry or have too much to say, how do you respond? Do you fight, or fly away? I envision myself as an ostrich, sticking her head in the sand, letting the weight of the earth push her eyelids down, choosing not to see the ugliness that is bound to impact her world – my children. I take flight. I never fight. After the incident with Ray

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Quitting Café When You’re Cuban: My First Drip Coffee Maker

Have you ever felt like making a change in a certain part of your life? That while the majority of other things were going well, one area needed a massive correction? That was me a few months ago with my nutrition – my water intake, specifically – and so, I made a course correction. I quit coffee. I’m Cuban and I quit coffee. To be Cuban and quit coffee feels

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5 Mealtime Tips For Raising Multiracial Children

After a crazy month of back and forth travel to California, I’m happy to get back to our family mealtime routine. Since announcing my partnership with Share The Table, visiting Barilla’s Headquarters earlier this year and learning about the impact quality mealtime has on our children, I’m committed to improving our routine and my multiracial parenting. I’ve learned that kids describe themselves with varying social and emotional attributes positively –

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Passport to Culture: France

Cultural Activity for Kids Our at-home travel series took us to France this month, but it’s most certainly a destination that I hope to take my kids to for real one day. I’ve been to France once. With an old friend, we stayed in Paris for a few days before taking the train down the coast to Monaco. It was breath-taking being in Europe and realizing how young our country

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French Food Culture: Artisan Cheese and Juice Pairings for Kids

Cultural Activities for Kids We’ve been having so much fun with our Passport to Culture series! Conducting a travel-at-home parenting series has been in the works for a long time. It all started with our first post on Ireland culture last year and has since turned into various fun cultural activities for kids, including food culture. This post is the first of our culture party on France, and I’m excited

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Interracial Marriage: More Alike Than Different

Is Interracial Marriage Really More Difficult? When I met my husband ten years ago, I won’t deny seeing his race. His bright, white teeth grinned at me, making a high contrast to his gorgeous dark skin, before he sat beside me with an introduction and a drink. Love at first sight feels cliche, but between his radiant smile and hours of non-stop conversation, I was hooked immediately. Interracial marriage was

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