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Parenting The Only Girl On The Team

The moment I read the email listing each name on the basketball roster, I knew we were in for an experience. Both for her and I, the mom that would have to put her foot down and ensure the experience was one we took value from. I mean, I really didn’t plan to put my daughter in this situation. I didn’t even think to ask, or request that she be placed with

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6 Myths of Interracial Marriage, According to a Latina Wife

We’ve all heard different chistes de casados, but what have you heard about interracial marriage? Before I met my husband, I didn’t think much of the prevalent misconceptions of interracial marriages or raising multiracial children. But as a Latina wife married to an African American man, I am staunchly aware of the challenges marrying outside our race and culture can present. After a decade as an interracial couple, here are

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Can Elsa Be Black? The Question My Multiracial Daughter Needs Answered

To put this in perspective, my 5 year old, multiracial child is a very literal kid. Way more than just her Cuban and African American heritage, Alina’s personality is also inquisitive, virtuous and very very accurate. Basically, she’s me in mini-form and because of that, I find it hard to misinform her. Even for the sake of imagination or play or fun, I want my daughter to trust that I’ll

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3 Eczema Tips for Multiracial Baby

Eczema is a skin condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed, often with blisters that cause itching, even bleeding. Eczema can be inherited, though the symptoms occur due to external circumstances too. And while babies of all ethnicity battle this unfortunate medical condition, I was not prepared to deal with eczema when my multiraical children were born. My daughter is now 5 years old and has been

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The Time My Kid Asked To Marry A White Guy

My 5 year old, biracial daughter asked if she could marry a white guy earlier this week, further proving to me that raising multiracial children is a unique experience worthy of acknowledgment. Multiracial motherhood has its own facets of parenting, I think, because my experiences as a Latina won’t be solely her experiences as a mixed, black Latina. But perhaps that’s everyone? Have you experienced something like this? Anyway, here’s

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DreamWorks HOME Printables and Coloring Pages

I love when my little girl sees herself on the big screen. And I don’t mean literally. I mean in the way entertainment television and movies are supposed to do: reflect a bit of reality mixed imagination, a great plot and amazing visuals. DreamWorks HOME does just that for my multiracial child, reflecting what so many kids’ realities look like, with their loveable characters and heart warming plot. I haven’t

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