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New Years in New York with Scrubbing Bubbles®

New Years in New York City was a blast! Between the fanatical energy, my drop dead gorgeous husband and the opportunity to work on an amazing, charitable campaign, I couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2014. Scrubbing Bubbles® is sponsoring this post so that I can share the great time we had in New York on New Years, the official launch of Scrubbing Bubble’s Let’s Bubble program! Daddy D

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Time To Rethink My Day: Conducting a Gut Check (literally)

Does a new year always mean a new you? 2013 was pretty good to me. For the first time in my life, I don’t have pressing needs or wants. Certainly there are goals I want to accomplish and resolutions I want to develop, but overall, 2013 was very kind to my ambitions, marriage and the growth of my beautiful babies. However, 2013 also saw the growth of my waistline. And as

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Family Legacy: Building a Happy Marriage

So often I write about positive parenting, interracial marriage, raising happy kids and building our family legacy. I write about those things because I am always thinking about those things; giving these babies a youth full of traditions and relevance to their overall life is something so dear to me. I want them to look back at their youth when gauging how to live their future. But, I don’t frequently

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Birthday Traditions: The Birthday {Pan}Cake

Sunday Pancake Breakfast is a tradition in our home. It’s one very close to Daddy D’s heart, as his own Dad used to make them for him every weekend. Daddy D has told me how Grandpa Bell would make extra large pancakes, taking his time while a young, little D waited anxiously at the table. They would chat about their week, my father-in-law molding my husband into the extraordinary man

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Toddler Advent Activities: Holiday Traditions

Do you remember making these paper advent calendars at school? I do! And I loved them! After searching around for a simple, fun, yet easy to make advent calendar, I decided that I would stick to what I know and incorporate the paper chain advent calendar into our family holiday traditions. Nothing fancy; just strips of paper stapled together to create a chain perfect for little fingers to tear, one

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From Black Friday to #GivingTuesday: Ways to Build a Giving Legacy this Thanksgiving

I say it almost daily, with pride in my pursuits and purpose in my choices: my kids lead a charmed life. Alina knows nothing of wanting or needing. Sebastian always has a full belly and a happy smile. Daddy D and I focus nearly entirely on the growth of our tiny people, and despite our struggles, I know the kids are leading a happy childhood. It pains my heart to

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