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Ready for Preschool: “Back to School” Check Up at Walgreens

We’re getting ready for preschool and our first back to school season with this sponsored post from Collective Bias® and a physical from Walgreens Healthcare Clinics. This opportunity comes at the perfect time, since Alina’s preschool paperwork has been staring at me for the last few weeks. Among the list of back to school supplies, miscellaneous forms and the school shirt order form, there was a health form required every

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Celebrating Heart Health Month with Homemade Granola

Walgreens Heart Health Month Heart health is so super important. It’s one of the leading causes of death in women. That terrifies me, as I already have a family history of heart health issues. One the ways I try to combat my personal risks is by eating healthy snacks. In the past, I haven’t always been a snack person. I was more of, well, a huge-meal person. Not good. But,

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Warm Winter Clothes For Fast Growing Kids: Kids Fashion with #CookiesKids

It has been so very cold here in Vegas! Being from Southern California, cold fronts this intense catch me off guard and Alina’s Winter wardrobe wasn’t quite prepared for so much cold for this length of time. A few weeks ago, I took to the internet to find some cute and affordable Winter kids fashion option. I was bored with my usual shopping destinations, but didn’t want to overspend. I

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Quick Snacks For Kids and Parents On The Go

We are constantly on the move. Whether it be sports class, storytime or hanging out with friends, the kids and I are always busy. So when it comes to keeping them happy and healthy, I rely on quick snacks for kids that taste great and can keep up with our on-the-go lifestyle. One of those quick, healthy snacks are fruit cups packed with apples, pears and other yummy fruits. In

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Sweet Potato + Bananas Recipe Perfect for Thanksgiving Side Dish

For Cubans, cooking with bananas is nothing new. Whether sliced up as a side of Cuban picadillo or plantains made in any number of ways, bananas were a staple of my childhood and sneak their way into many of my recipes. Needless to say, this recipe with bananas of roasted sweet potato and banana mash with pecan topping is the perfect Thanksgiving side dish. The best part has been cooking

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Spanish Cinderella: My Disney Princess

A few weeks ago we visited WalMart to attend an event in celebration of the re-release of Disney’s classic, Cinderella. Alina loves Disney, as do many American girls, and I was excited to share one of the classics that I grew up watching. But, I was most excited to view our DVD/Blu-Ray in Spanish! That option was not around when I was a kid! For a bicultural family, one aspiring

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