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Callejon de Hamel: Afro-Cuban Culture in Central Havana

This 2 block alley tucked between Aramburu and Hospital streets in Central Havana wasn’t a scheduled visit on our itinerary, but after a day of getting to know each other (basically me bragging about my beautiful multiracial children and showing off their pictures), our guide made the executive decision to take us to Callejon de Hamel… and wow, I’m so glad he did. Afro-Cuban Culture: Callejon de Hamel According to our

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When You Travel To Cuba, You Eat All The Fruit

You may not eat a single vegetable during your travels to Cuba, but traditional Cuban food culture incorporates plenty of fruit. All around the island, you’ll have the chance to try variations of citrus fruits, the famous and beloved small bananas that usher a distinct sweetness that isn’t tasted in the variety we have here in the states. You’ll find plenty of fresh fruit offerings at hotel buffets and local

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