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Good Bye, Nevada.

Today is Nevada Day, did you know? Today, this state in which we’ve lived for almost ten years turns 150 years old. As a state holiday, the kids have the day off from school. My bank is closed. All so the citizens of Nevada acknowledge it’s legacy and history. In July of 2005, I drove my car into the valley and the thermometer read 115 degrees. I didn’t have much,

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Losing Lola: The Legacy Of Our Sweet Doggie

This week I left the kids with a sitter, D met me at the vet, and we said good bye to the very first baby girl we had as a couple. Almost 11 years ago, I picked Lola as my own. But before I did, I consulted the guy I had just started dating. It had only been a few months, but I felt like he should know: I was

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Honoring Our Favorite Veteran #WallofHonor

In building our family legacy, there are a couple people Daddy D and I miss every single day. We wish the kids could know them. We wish we could lean on their love. And we wish, truly wish, the world got just a little bit more of their greatness. One of those people is my late father-in-law, our family’s favorite and most celebrated American Veteran. Veteran’s Day is coming up,

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The Meaning of Siblings: Week Six #365Siblings

I have some major catching up to do on The Meaning of Siblings. Though I haven’t posted, I have been taking my daily shots for the #365siblings project. Photography wise, the disdain I feel for indoor photos continues to grow. I have finally budgeted for a new lens, but am debating between a zoom or upgrading my 50 to a 1.4. I could really use the additional light. Or both?

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A New Meaning to Spring Time

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful day with your family, creating and celebrating your legacies of holiday traditions. For our family, mostly Daddy D and I, the coming of Spring and Easter was forever changed last year. As I got ready to leave my baby girl overnight for the first time in her life, just a few days before Easter, I knew her life would

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Contemplating on How to Choose a School for Us

 We need preschool. But which one to choose? As we get ready to tour yet another preschool this morning, the question of how to choose a school that is right for us is a constant question. Hours of research, time spent touring and interviewing educators, introducing Alina to classrooms, has made this whole process tedious – but I can’t image doing it any other way. I want to know everything. 

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