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Good Bye, Nevada.

Today is Nevada Day, did you know? Today, this state in which we’ve lived for almost ten years turns 150 years old. As a state holiday, the kids have the day off from school. My bank is closed. All so the citizens of Nevada acknowledge it’s legacy and history. In July of 2005, I drove my car into the valley and the thermometer read 115 degrees. I didn’t have much,

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Losing Lola: The Legacy Of Our Sweet Doggie

This week I left the kids with a sitter, D met me at the vet, and we said good bye to the very first baby girl we had as a couple. Almost 11 years ago, I picked Lola as my own. But before I did, I consulted the guy I had just started dating. It had only been a few months, but I felt like he should know: I was

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A Love Letter to My Son at Two Years Old

Before I became a mother, I wrote love letters to my children. In my thoughts, through poetry, in analysis of my self doubt, I started to document the progression of their lives. Before I even met their father, I yearned to have a son to love and mold into the type of man I wish the world had more of. And so, how incredibly blessed am I, as I sit

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Querido Sebas: Love Letter To My Son At 18 Months

This love letter to my son comes just a couple weeks after he turned a year and a half old. Honestly though, it feels like he has been with us since forever. I probably take his babyhood for granted. Devoting a bit of time to write out his love letters seems even more prudent then, because the memories of his early years will very soon be lost to new memories

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Mother’s Day at San Diego Safari Park

San Diego Wild Animal Park I’m paying for it this week, but we had so much fun while on our whirlwind road trip from Vegas to San Diego on Mother’s Day! We packed up at 4am and were back home by 4pm the next day. Nuts-o, right? On the agenda was using the half off tickets to the San Diego’s Safari Park I purchased off Amazon Local (tickets are usually

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Baby Boy Sebastian Turns One!

This letter to my son is a little more special than the previous ones because, well, my baby boy is turning ONE! He is officially embarking on his toddler years, and the milestone is a bit emotional for me. It’s insane how quickly this year has flown, and as I sit in my house filled with decor, ready for his Very Hungry Caterpillar party, I can’t help but let my

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