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Dressing for Disneyland! Our Favorite Summer Resort Clothes

One of the first things we bought when we moved back to California were annual passes to Disneyland. It was a gift to the kids, having moved them out of their home and away from the friends, school and programs they loved. The passes have offered us so many opportunities for bonding and family legacy building over the last few months, so I know they were worth it. So when

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Big Boy, Big Shoes: How Important Are Toddler Shoes?

How important are your toddler’s shoes? While we have never turned our nose up at hand-me-downs, toddler shoes are items that we buy specifically for each child. Daddy D especially, having been (1) the last child of 8 kids and (2) a professional basketball player overseas, refuses to put his baby’s feet in anything less than quality, supportive toddler shoes. Along with his growing body and personality, my little big

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Warm Winter Clothes For Fast Growing Kids: Kids Fashion with #CookiesKids

It has been so very cold here in Vegas! Being from Southern California, cold fronts this intense catch me off guard and Alina’s Winter wardrobe wasn’t quite prepared for so much cold for this length of time. A few weeks ago, I took to the internet to find some cute and affordable Winter kids fashion option. I was bored with my usual shopping destinations, but didn’t want to overspend. I

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Family History: Baby’s First Hat

Call me crazy, but I like guys in hats. They’re in our family history, I guess you can say. Both my grandfathers wore hats. Even though I was young, I remember how my paternal grandfather would, with one sweeping hand, take it off to scratch his bald head, just to nestle it neatly back on. The mechanics of that movement took maybe 5 seconds flat. It was amazing. After my

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A Little Girl’s Summer of Dresses

As our weather cools and winter approaches, a shift in my little girl’s wardrobe is inevitable. The collection of summer dresses that has been our clothing staple will turn to sweaters, cardigans and jeans. But when the weather is hot and the hues of our world are bight, this little girl enjoys the ease and flow of a summer dress more than any other piece of clothing. Alina has a

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Morgan Lane Boutique Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me celebrate my 100th post by entering to win a beautiful frill from Morgan Lane Boutique! It was great fun!  According to, the winner is entrant… Number 4, Tothac, who chose bow Black and White Chicness for her baby girl {due in October}. Congratulations on winning the very first De Su Mama Giveaway! Please contact me at Vanessa {at} Desumama {dot} com

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