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Onward to Toddlerhood and Potty Training

Sebastian is officially a toddler!! His first birthday party was a success, which means we are onward to toddlerhood – including adventures in potty training. I’ve learned a lot about the topic while working with Pull-Ups and their Madrinas del Baño campaign. I was even able to ask medical and parenting experts one of my burning questions about potty training boys. And thank goodness I did, because I probably never would

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When Baby Turns Toddler, Trials in Potty Training Await

Sebastian will be a year old soon, and while his road to potty training is still a ways off, the plethora of questions I have is not. When you have your second child, the piece of advice {or thing to remember} that you are frequently told is to not compare – every child is different. But when it comes to potty training Sebastian, versus my experience with Alina, their differences

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Potty Training: Adventures Conquered and Yet to Come

Potty training Alina was not nearly as traumatic as I expected it to be. Not that it was easy, or that she was even trained by the time she was two, but keeping the process low key and stress free made it easier on everyone. Four million toddlers will embark on potty training each year. Last year, my daughter was one of them. Very soon it will be Sebastian’s turn,

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Inspired Cooking: 5 Recipes I Plan to Update in 2013

The holidays are over and there is no better time to get my act together in the kitchen. Like many people, I have an arsenal of recipes that can be found on the dinner table on a weekly basis. My husband loves them, my kids don’t fight them and they’re a quick answer to the pesky question, “what’s for dinner?”. But, I’m so bored! Inspired cooking? Not lately. While pursing

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Ground Turkey Rolled Tacos

I consider myself an all American girl with a certain liking to Latino cuisine. More than any other food, my palate craves the salty, often smoky and fried, flavors of the Carribbean. Being Cuban, nearly every dish begins with a sofrito and ends in my mouth. YUM! I grew up on tomatoes, garlic, onions, bell peppers and it’s what my kids are growing up on too. This ground turkey rolled

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Home Depot Holiday Shopping {$50 Giveaway!}

*Enter to win a $50 Home Depot Gift Card! Details below.* Is it horrible to admit that holiday shopping has been nonexistent over here? We’re well into December and I better get started if I want to be ready for Christmas. What can I say? I’m pregnant with toddler… life is just kinda crazy! But I finally got my act together over this past weekend. On what seems to be

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