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This is Six

She turned six a month ago and its taken me just as long to write this love letter to my daughter. Although I recently wrote a post on how to to write a love letter to your kids, I’ll admit: this is hard. Sorting through all the feelings to write a cohesive message to the little girl that both inspires and challenges me daily is no easy task. This is

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How to Write Their Very First Love Letter: 6 Tips to Get Started

The task can seem overwhelming, but you’ll never regret the time spent cementing your aspirations and emotions into a tangible message that your child will cherish always. Whether your child is a brand new baby or a young adult heading off to college, their first love letter will become a gift – not just for them, but for you as well! There’s no wrong or right way to do it, but

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Good Bye, Nevada.

Today is Nevada Day, did you know? Today, this state in which we’ve lived for almost ten years turns 150 years old. As a state holiday, the kids have the day off from school. My bank is closed. All so the citizens of Nevada acknowledge it’s legacy and history. In July of 2005, I drove my car into the valley and the thermometer read 115 degrees. I didn’t have much,

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We’re Preparing for Pre-K, But First A Look Back At Preschool

Alina successfully completed her first year of preschool and I cannot be more proud of her. However, we’ve already begun preparing for Pre-K, which is sure to be an exciting time in her education. Personally, because of her winter birthday, I think Alina is ready for full on Kindergarten. She’s smart, articulate and all year I wondered if she was being challenged enough. I wrote an article at eHow on

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Looking for a Dream Come True in the Beauty of Silence

I love to be social. I love connecting and fellowship. I yearn to feel part of a community. Sometimes friendly competition illuminates my strengths in ways that everyday motivation simply cannot. Almost always the successes of my favorite people prompt me to look closer at the life I’m leading, the legacy I’m creating, and push me onward to greater – greater work, greater love, greater. Sometimes – many and most

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Savoring the Last Weeks of Having a Baby

From Baby to Mom’s Super Hero When Alina was just an itty baby, I saw a status update in my Facebook stream that caused me to pause and breathe in gratitude over the moments I was living. My friend, a mother of three girls, was lamenting over the loss of her last’s baby stage. She said something like, “I’ve been letting Sally sleep in our bed lately. Bob isn’t happy,

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