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#365Siblings Photo Memory Legacy Is Back!… Kinda.

Today is August 1st, the beginning of my favorite month of the year. In August, I celebrate my birthday. A few days later, Daddy D celebrates his birthday. And when we looked at the calendar as an engaged couple to decide on a wedding date, we choose the day in August that split the days between our birthdays exactly. That week in August is known to us as The Bell

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The Meaning of Siblings: Week 19

The Meaning of Siblings – Week 19 I can’t believe how much Sebastian has come into his own the last couple months. The Meaning of Siblings has been able to capture it, too. This week especially, I notice signs of the little boy he has grown into. He’s funny and physical… and so in love with his big sister. These two are attached to the hip and it’s only now

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The Meaning of Siblings: Week 18

Week 18 – October 5th I love writing. I love this blog. I love connecting with like-minded parents and learning about their experiences. But I love these kids more… so much more. This week was the beginning of my almost month of checking out – virtually and in my real life. If friends needed me, they called me – otherwise, I didn’t really want anything to do with anyone other

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The Meaning of Siblings: Week 17

Going through this week’s worth of images for The Meaning of Siblings (which actually happened over a month ago) makes me realize why I was burnt out the last few weeks. Week 16 had me coming home from New York, and week 17 has me heading to Atlanta. Sure, it’s been a blast traveling for all the great opportunities that come from this little blog. I totally appreciate it! But

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The Meaning of Siblings: Week 16

The meaning of siblings this week also includes the tail end of my trip to New York as a Top Latina Blogger with LATISM. Truly, this summer was unlike anything I expected it to be… I traveled more than I had in a long time. I loved connecting with my blogging friends and growing De Su Mama. But I missed my kids. This experience has really helped me temper my

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The Meaning of Siblings: Week 15

In a funk and overwhelmed, waking up at 2am to catch up on my 365 project has brought me more joy than a lot of other online stuff has lately. The Meaning of Siblings reminds me of why I started blogging – to write love letters to my children. These small tokens of love and advice speak as much to me as they do to my kids. I hope they

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