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Homemade Mustard Pretzel: 4th of July Recipes To Cook With Kids

4th of July recipes for kids to cook! Food culture is an important way of learning about a country and with 4th of July party season right around the corner, we’ve been talking a lot about how the United States was founded. We’re chatting about independence and immigration and it’s been fun teaching Alina about the legacy of our beloved country. As a Walmart Mom, I was asked to share a

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The Cuban Burger: A Twist On The Traditional Recipe

Cuban Recipes and Traditions I can remember, as a very young girl, standing in my grandfather’s corner grocery store while his giant press smashed the outside of my sandwich. I knew the goodness that awaited me, so I remained patient. Eventually, I would devour that wonderful Cuban Sandwich in a few minutes. Tops. This was before the panini press was cool or Cuban recipes were all the rave. So when

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Pan Roasted Asparagus and Olives with Feta: Simple Side Dish

I’m struggling with family meal ideas that delight my munchkins and nourish their bodies. When did my kids get so picky?! Ideally, one dish would accomplish both goals… and I think this simple side dish of Pan Roasted Asparagus and Olives with Feta might do the trick. My kids love olives, so when Walmart asked me to check out a new line of conveniently packaged snack food, I agreed to

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Easter Egg Salad Sandwich: Holiday Food Traditions

With both of my babies finally able to sit still and follow directions (hello, toddler boys!), we’re having fun with all sorts of Easter holiday food traditions… mainly dying Easter eggs. Counting this Easter Egg Salad Sandwich recipe, we’ve dyed Easter eggs 3 times already! Ha! That is definitely a record for us. Walmart’s seasonal aisles are filled with the cutest crafts and tools you need for some fabulous holiday

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Easter Party Food and Playdate Ideas: DIY Easter Basket Pudding Snack

We had friends over recently and instead of a regular ol’ snack, I decided to create Easter party food that’s easy enough for a mid-week playdate. Actually, all I did was set out a few ingredients and let the kids create their own Easter basket “recipe”! I had some things in our pantry and picked up a few items during our weekly grocery run to Walmart, who is sponsoring this

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ALMOND JOY Stuffed Cookies: Easy Recipe for Kids

This simple baking recipe combines my love of chocolate with my little one’s fascination with cooking alongside her mama. With the perfect flavor combinations of chocolate, almonds and coconut, this Easy Almond Joy Chocolate Chip cookie recipe is perfect for the novice baker who still wants to create “baking memories” with their kids. I’ve been cooking with my daughter since she was an itty bitty. At five years old, she’s

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