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6 Myths of Interracial Marriage, According to a Latina Wife

We’ve all heard different chistes de casados, but what have you heard about interracial marriage? Before I met my husband, I didn’t think much of the prevalent misconceptions of interracial marriages or raising multiracial children. But as a Latina wife married to an African American man, I am staunchly aware of the challenges marrying outside our race and culture can present. After a decade as an interracial couple, here are

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On Ray Rice, Ferguson and Raising Multiracial Children

When you’re overcome with worry or have too much to say, how do you respond? Do you fight, or fly away? I envision myself as an ostrich, sticking her head in the sand, letting the weight of the earth push her eyelids down, choosing not to see the ugliness that is bound to impact her world – my children. I take flight. I never fight. After the incident with Ray

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Q is for Cuban: My 3 Year Old’s Biracial Identity

Raising Multiracial Latino Children My motherhood has matured a lot in three years. I am strong enough to now say that I was really afraid to have mixed kids, to raise a biracial identity, and for reasons you might be shocked to learn. When you are in an interracial marriage, people think you somehow become an advocate for equality or civil rights – that your marriage symbolizes a quest for

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Can You Survive An Interracial Marriage?

Celebrating Our Interracial Wedding Story After being told by her daughter that she wanted mixed babies because they’re the cutest (insert sigh), a friend of mine asked me what I thought about being in an interracial marriage. Specifically, she wanted to know how I would advise her daughter should she one day marry a black guy. I was a little taken aback, but the truth is this isn’t the first

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Lessons On Raising A Black Boy, From a Brown Mom

It has become painfully clear to me that, had I continued to parent my boy like he wasn’t a black kid, I would be doing a massive disservice to his life’s preparation. After my editor and friend over at SpanglishBaby asked me to voice an opinion on the Zimmerman case from a Latina mom’s perspective, after I wrote My Blinders Are Off: What Trayvon Taught Me About Parenting, after HLN’s

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Dangerous Black Boys: A Father’s View of the Martin Case

I have to admit, when I found out our second child would be a boy, certain fears fell heavy on my shoulders. I can understand many things, but being a black man in this country is not an experience I will even pretend to fully appreciate. For this alone, I am grateful the man I love is also a strong black father to our children. In him, they can trust.

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