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Easy Banana Pudding Recipe: Food Traditions On Mother’s Day

While I was craving Arroz con Leche and Flan, my Mother-in-Law was cooking traditional sweet treats for her small group of 8 (yes, I said EIGHT!) children. By far Daddy D’s favorite sweet food tradition is this Easy Banana Pudding recipe that she would whip up, straight from her own Southern childhood. This Mother’s Day, with help from Walmart, I’m making this traditional banana pudding and honoring the food traditions

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Cranberry Dump Cake: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is filled with food traditions and cultures that are passed down through generations, but what I love most about living in diverse and multicultural environments is learning about new ones! As I was thinking about how to use our Thanksgiving leftover, my sister-in-law (who is also Latina), told me about this amazing Cranberry Dump Cake that was made by a co-worker of her’s. She said the recipe had been

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Camembert and Apple Croque: Meatless Recipes

Meatless Recipes Whether you’re celebrating Lent or enjoying some French inspired cuisine, creating meatless recipes is easy when you’re working with decadent ingredients. This easy recipe for Grilled Camembert and Apple Croque (that’s French for “crunch”, but refers to a type of sandwich) will have you wondering what the big deal is about meat anyway. The Camembert cheese is rich in flavor and tones down the tart green apple slices,

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Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites: Game Day Recipe

Game Day Winner with Buffalo Chicken Dip Balls! Goodness, it has to be over 10 years since my best friend served Buffalo Chicken Dip at one of her babies’ birthday party. I fell hopelessly in love with it then, and now will only make it on special occasion. (It’s so fattening and falls in my mouth by the spoonful). We’re invited to a couple parties for this year’s big football

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White Chocolate + Orange Ice Cream with Raspberry Swirl

French Style Orange Ice Cream I’ve had an ice cream maker for almost five years. Five. Years. And you want to know how many times I’ve used it? One. That’s just utter craziness, considering how much my family loves ice cream. As I was grocery shopping at Walmart, who is sponsoring this post, I noticed their produce looked out of this world. Especially their Navel Oranges and other citrus fruits!

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Sweet Potato Turnovers (or Empanadas?) Recipe

Thanksgiving Leftovers! My sister in law has been here and so we started early with our Thanksgiving feasting. She cooked earlier this week, and we still have pans and pans of food in the fridge. My favorite of her dishes is a traditional Candied Sweet Potato dish, where she boils chunks of sweet potatoes (or yams? What are those things?) with butter, a ton of sugar and cinnamon. After she

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