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3 Ways to Add Christmas Music to Your Holiday Traditions

Music is a true unifier. In it’s presence, we cultivate moments of bonding and connection that evoke all kinds of emotion. Would you agree? Food does that for me, too, but music is definitely high on the list of legacy building tools. Especially during the holidays, I can’t think of anything more uplifting than a collection of our favorite Christmas music. When I was a kid, the holiday traditions depended

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3 Things I Learned About Parenting From Decorating Pumpkins

This year’s holidays are promised to look and feel much different than previous years for our little family legacy. It’s hard to let go of the old ways, but also exciting! Big things are happening and that means new traditions, new adventures and new memories made with our sweet twosome. Have you met our Superhero and Puppy? These two live in their costumes lately! Perhaps that’s a new tradition, too,

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15 Months: Love Letters to My Son

Family Legacy: Letters to My Son Querido Sebastain, While I faithfully completed your monthly letters until your first birthday, I didn’t want to stress myself with the obligation of writing them into your second. Alina got a year – months 13 (which was the first love letter written on this blog) to her second birthday – and you got a year, too. I did, however, commit to #365siblings, which is

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Mother’s Day at San Diego Safari Park

San Diego Wild Animal Park I’m paying for it this week, but we had so much fun while on our whirlwind road trip from Vegas to San Diego on Mother’s Day! We packed up at 4am and were back home by 4pm the next day. Nuts-o, right? On the agenda was using the half off tickets to the San Diego’s Safari Park I purchased off Amazon Local (tickets are usually

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Travel Legacy Begins With The Decision To GO!

Building a Travel Legacy Before Daddy D and I became parents, we were individuals that loved to travel. It was easy back then, even easier than when we were married. You bought one plane ticket, you bunked with friends and you just went! You ate street food, or exquisite meals, you took tours or just wandered the streets. You did whatever you wanted, WHENEVER you wanted! I didn’t travel nearly

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Cuban Arroz con Pollo Recipe

I grew up on this classic Cuban dinner of rice with chicken. My mom’s Cuban arroz con pollo recipe is fairly universal to most Cuban homes, but the food tradition she instilled in us will never be forgotten. The smoky spices of this savory dish are the definition of comfort food for me. They truly are the most important part of Cuban  Arroz con Pollo. Give this arroz con pollo

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