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Super Simple Thanksgiving Garland for Inspired Home Decor

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While we’re settling into California life, my mom is letting us stay with her until we find a home of our own. Thanksgiving decor wasn’t really a thing when I was growing up, and my mom is also going through a bit of remodeling too. You wouldn’t even know it was the holidays over here! So I decided to make a super simple Thanksgiving garland that focused on inspired home decor. Making it quick and budget-friendly was a priority too!

simple thanksgiving garland tutorial

Thanksgiving Garland for Inspired Home Decor

Thanksgiving Garland: Quick and Easy Fall Decor

Because I used a traditional Christmas garland for this home decor DIY, it can transition throughout the entire holiday season! In addition to the garland, you’ll need your favorite burlap ribbon, floral arrangements in traditional orange and yellow and pipe-cleaner or floral wire to adhere to the garland without making it permanent. I bought this “Family” wood lettering at my local craft store also to remind us of what the season is about. Finally, I added a few scented pine cones for a natural feel that also help bring the aroma of the season into the home.

Thanksgiving Garland for Inspired Home Decor Thanksgiving Garland for Inspired Home Decor

Super Simple Thanksgiving Garland!

To make the Thanksgiving Garland, I weaved the burlap ribbon around the garland, folding it in half lengthwise to allow for some poof. Don’t weave it too tight, either. You want a fluffy, light look. Cut the excess burlap with scissors.

Take apart the floral arrangements and add the leaves, flowers, and twigs around the garland evenly. I choose not to paint or stain the Family sign and attached it to the center of the garland.

Thanksgiving Garland for Inspired Home Decor

This simple Thanksgiving garland adds the perfect touch of holiday spirit! It made the kids happy to see it over the weekend. Once Thanksgiving is over, the floral touches will be removed and Christmas decor will be added in its place.

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