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The Hilarity That Is Alina

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She is a total riot, and the plethora of faces she makes is an example of the insanity that is my child. She loves to make me laugh, and attempts to do so purposefully nowadays. I must hear “Momma, look!” 500 times a day, and, in return, am rewarded with one of these rather infectious faces. And since I know I have been a rather bad blogger while we are off celebrating our Family Celebration Week, here are 10 silly faces that will hopefully make you smile….

We are having a great time celebrating birthdays and our wedding anniversary. Mostly, we are relishing in some much needed family time. I hope you all are having a great week! In just a few more days, Daddy D and I will be back to the regular grind with ya’ll… yay?

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“The Hilarity That Is Alina”

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