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When I was in college, visualizing my life as an adult, I pictured myself thinking and writing. Professionally. Kinda strange, huh? I studied political science, concentrating in Latin American politics in particular. The countries that comprise Latin America are as diverse and as vast as the topics that capture my interest, so I had no idea how to move forward on my dream of becoming a professional thinker and writer.

After graduation, and against the advice of pretty much every loving adult I know, I went to work in the social service field. I figured I’d get some “real life experience” and plan what I wanted to do with my life before applying to graduate degrees. I won’t call that decision a mistake {sounds harsh}, but I do wish I would have had a bit of faith and pursed my love of learning immediately. The years and bills just seemed to pile up, and before you know it… life happened.

Getting my masters {and dare I say a PhD} is still a dream I hold close to my heart. If I had a bucket list, those accomplishments would be high ranking. I value education. I love learning. I think a degree is way more than just a piece of paper. Does everyone need one? Not at all. But I still haven’t given up the hope that I will get myself back in school in one day.

This blog, its readership and the amazing virtual relationships I have formed have filled a huge yearning in my life to get back to what I love to do, think and write. Sure, De Su Mama falls incredibly short of classifying myself as a professional writer. Its just my little piece of the web where I can pretend and hope and dream. Things I should have done versus worrying about becoming an adult 10 years ago.

Through De Su Mama, because of De Su Mama, I have met some extraordinary women. Women that are professional…. wait for it…. thinkers and writers!!! Say whaaaa? Yes friends! There are people who are compensated for their time, writing, perspective, voice and opinions {and yup, photography too}. For a moment, I sat back wondering how these cool chicas accomplished it. And then I got to work, submitting proposals and guest post requests to every publication that I loved and believed in, hoping to somehow rank among those women that can called themselves writers…

When I got the call {ok, it was an email…}, I was estatic. I would become the sixth regular contributor to the beloved SpanglishBaby. I thought a long while {like a whole 2 minutes}, realizing that my plate was quickly filling with responsibilities, but I would never dare pass this up. The opportunity to finally call myself a freelance writer.

It is rare you will hear me say this, out loud and without a single hestitation, but I am really proud of myself. Advanced degree or not, today I accomplished a long time dream. And it feels great. I know that my blog, this opportunity and the growth I have experienced would not be happening without my daughter. She kick started me like no other motivation has ever been able to do. So, Alina, I love you. Thank you forever and ever. I hope that when you read this post one day, you are proud of your Momma too.

My very first article as a freelance writer:
A Spanglish Baby All Grown Up





  1. you rock Vanessa! What an amazing opportunity!

  2. Awwww! How sweet! Funny you should mention school. Didn’t know how hard it would be with a baby. That’s what I’m going through right now. But, you can do it, if you put your mind to it right? I’ve also been able to meet wonderful women like yourself after blogging too. It’s weird because I never thought that I would become a blogger. Now I’m hooked. I know what you mean about guess writing. I’ve been fortunate enough to become a guest blogger and I find it so fulfilling. Love your blog and I’m so happy to have met you. Well kinda sorta. I’m sure we’ll meet in person one day hehe!

  3. We’re so happy to have you as part of the SpanglishBaby Familia and you made my day with this post!

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