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Three Kings Day Crown Craft for Kids: Bicultural Holiday Traditions

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The Three Kings are almost here and the kids are so excited! Are you ready? During our regular shopping trip to Walmart this week, I picked up one of their gorgeous Rosca de Reyes in the bakery (a traditional ring bread eaten in Mexican culture to celebrate Three Kings Day). We didn’t enjoy this sweet treat growing up, but introduced the kids to the Mexican tradition last year. Remember when our girl found Baby Jesus in the first slice of her first Rosca?! So much fun!

I wanted to get the kids involved in our bicultural holiday traditions with a quick kids craft and decided to do this simple Cereal Box craft to make a Three Kings Day Crown.

Here’s what we did…


Three Kings Day Craft for Bicultural Kids

Do you have a box of cereal sitting around? Use it for a fun craft! For this holiday craft, I used a family sized box of Cheerios cereal to make our Three Kings Crown. I bet a regular sized box would work great too, though.

I love a beautiful designed DIY craft just as much as the next Pinterest-obsessed mama, but I want my little ones to work on fine motor skills and their own creative geniuses. Crafts are also a great time to talk about your values and legacy with your multiracial children.

Cereal Box Three Kings Crown Craft for Kids

First, I drew staggering triangles to create the silhouette of a crown. I then asked my girl to trace them, reinforcing her fine motor skills, etc. For older kids, let them create their own version of crowns or spend time looking at crowns online before asking them to design their own. After, using kids craft scissors, I asked her to cut along the lines. Since all of our craft supplies are in storage, I love that I can swing by the craft section of my local Walmart and pick up whatever I need. Gotta love one stop shopping!

three-kings-crown-craft-for-kids-2 three-kings-crown-craft-for-kids-3

Crafts for Kids that Celebrate Culture

Using the same kids craft paint kit I bought last month, we painted the triangular silhouette yellow and stapled the pieces together to create a wearable crown. I’m seriously loving this affordable finger paint set… it’s provided us hours of crafting fun!

Now its time for my girls favorite part – decorate! Using foil that we had on hand and some festive kids craft acrylic stones from Walmart, we decorated our crowns in all their glory. It was so much fun talking about the three kings and the significance of the holiday with the kids during this craft. Parenting with purpose while crafting seem like natural partners, especially when exposing the kids to cultural holiday traditions.


Celebrate Holiday Traditions With Multiracial Children

Celebrating holiday traditions with multiracial children is important to reinforce their own cultural identity, but also to expose them to what exists outside of them.

Here are a few other ways to help celebrate Three Kings Day with Kids…

Dora The Explorer: Dora Celebrates Three Kings Day! (available at Walmart for less than $5!)

Three Kings Printable – Los Tres Reyes Mago Coloring Page

Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Celebrating Dia de los Reyes

three-kings-craft-for-kids-dsm-4 three-kings-craft-for-kids-dsm-3

Additional ways to celebrate Three Kings’ Day with your kids!

  1. Try a simple Three Kings’ Day craft for kids to learn more about the holiday.
  2. Enjoy this free Three Kings’ Day Coloring Sheet with kids
  3. Make a Three Kings’ Day shoe box basket for collecting the camels’ grass!
  4. Enjoy some delicious arroz con dulce with the kids
  5. Try a traditional Mexican Rosca de Reyes!
  6. Act out the story of the Three Wise Men while making this cute Three Kings plastic bottle craft.
  7. Show your kids how to make a Three Kings’ Day grass box!

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