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Three Kings Printable – Los Tres Reyes Mago Coloring Page

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Teaching Kids About Our Three Kings Holiday

More than ever before, Alina is learning the “reason for the season” through her school’s influence. I wish I could say it was just our teachings, but it’s not. Even still, I’m working on exposing the stories of the Bible as well, in addition to all the fun Santa and Noche Buena stuff, this season. As we’ve talked about the day Jesus was born, I’ve introduced Three King’s Day (Los Tres Reyes Mago) or the day of the Epiphany and the cultural relevance the holiday has in our Latino heritage. This festive Three Kings printable is helping me to do that…

three kings printable free

Free Printable on Three Kings Holiday

Alina loves to color, and I’ve found that sitting down to doodle with her is a great time to converse about important things I want to discuss. She is distracted just enough to not over think her answers and focused on the physical practice of coloring while listening to my voice and story. It’s a tactic I used often in my social service work with young kids, allowing their little hands to stay busy while pressing their minds to think and allow my advice to soak into their physique. Because of this, more and more I am using an artist to design custom coloring pages that reflect the messages and images I aim to install as values in my parenting. I was having a hard time finding images that portrayed exactly what I wanted, and it’s more cost-effective than spending time hunting coloring books down. My artist friend is an awesome person, a SAHM and I get to offer the coloring pages to my readers, making it a win, win for all! For those who use art in their parenting, I hope these help!

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Free Printable – Los Tres Reyes Coloring Page

Sebastian has fallen in love with coloring, too, and I love that as he sits there scribbling his circles, he’s also absorbing the conversations Alina and I have. Last week was all about the Three Kings who traveled to Bethlehem to offer gifts on the birth of Jesus. I remember learning about Los Tres Reyes Magos in my Catholic and Latino upbringing and am happy to share those experiences with my kids today.

Click here to download your free Three Kings Printable here. It’s free and filled with love for us to you.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and no matter what your reason for this season is, I wish lots of love and family togetherness this month.

Check out our 3 Kings Toilet Roll Craft, too. It was so fun to make!

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