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Three Kings Craft: Celebrating Dia de los Reyes

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Three Kings Craft Using Toilet Paper Rolls!

I suspect that many of my friends have packed away the tree and Christmas decorations (at least that’s what it looks like according to my Facebook feed). In Latino households, after Christmas and New Years have passed, many are still celebrating the holidays and culminating Christmas with 3 Kings Day or Dia de los Reyes on January 6th. The final celebration of the Christmas season takes place on the Epiphany, or the 12th day after Christmas. In most of Latin America and parts of Europe, the Epiphany is a national Holiday. In the United States, Dia de Los Reyes isn’t given the attention it receives in other parts of the world though. Even still, I remember celebrating Dia de los Reyes as a kid and wanted to celebrate with a cute toilet roll craft.Crafts are becoming a big hit around here; the more we do, the more fun they are! Alina especially loves expressing herself through arts, crafts, coloring, and singing. Our craft basket is filled to the brim with all kinds of papers, glues, stickers that a creative 4-year-old needs.

three kings craft hispanic holiday

Three Kings Craft Using Toilet Paper Rolls!

In honor of Dia de los Reyes, Alina and I made a 3 Kings craft (Los Reyes Magos) from items already cramped into our craft bins… I call it a cupboard cleaner, but really it’s an opportunity to talk about the culture behind celebrating Dia de los Reyes. This toilet roll craft is a simple project that celebrates Latino legacy and extends the holiday season just a bit. It also clears space for more craft items in the New Year!

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Three Kings Craft – Items Needed

Toilet rolls (at least 4)

Craft, Scrapbook or construction paper

Embellishments, such as glitter glue, gems, sequence

Cotton Balls

Cupcake liners

Glue Sticks

Safety scissors

To start your toilet roll craft, wrap your toilet roll with paper and adhere it with glue. Cut the 4th toilet roll into strips, while notching an inverted V to create the crown. Cover the crown with strips of paper – you can cut them, but we had fun ripping paper into strips instead. Use markers to make the eyes, add embellishments to the crown using stickers or sparkly gems. Using glue to adhere a pulled-apart cotton ball. Top you Reyes Mago with a cupcake liner. And remember to chat with your little one about the legacy of celebrating Dia de los Reyes and the Epiphany while making your toilet roll craft!

toilet roll craft, 3 kings craft, celebrating dia de los reyes, legacy craft

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