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The Best Guide for One Day at Great Wolf Lodge SoCal

We were recently invited by Great Wolf Lodge SoCal to celebrate Día de los Niños because, well, what better way to honor our babies than creating family memories! GWL is a place where parents can show up, slow down and soak in the beauty of childhood magic without a ton of fuss. But for those spending only one day at Great Wolf Lodge its best to get a plan in order.

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How to Camp When You Don’t Like Camping

Who doesn’t love camping? If you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately, you’d think that everyone loves to sleep outside and, you know, connect with nature. All the beautiful images of sunset-clad beaches, flares of light trickling through huge trees and families bonding over a campfire. GAH! I love it all! So does all that outdoor adventure appeal to me? Do I like camping? HECK YES! My husband, on the other hand,

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Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival: A SoCal Spring Tradition

If you’ve never been to the Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California, put it on your list! We were invited to attend the annual Boysenberry Festival for the first time and it exceeded our expectations. Actually, I was excited at how much fun the whole family had – no member was left out! Who knew that delicious food fest with live shows and entertainment, a Wine +

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So Many Reasons To Feel Good About SeaWorld This Summer

I went to SeaWorld last week and I feel so good about the experience. After not going for several years, I received an invitation stating that the marine animal park was undergoing its most significant changes to date. Also, considering last year’s announcement that they were ending their orca breeding program, our generation of kids will be among the last to see these majestic animals up close. I decided to

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5 Reasons A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost! Our Disney Cruise Reviews

I had some great adventures as a kid – my dad had a boat and we camped nonstop during summer break – but nothing luxurious or faraway. I didn’t leave the country, except for the occasional trip to Mexico, until I was in my 20’s. We certainly never took a crucero Disney, so when I received the invitation to Disney Social Media Moms on the newly re-imagined Disney Wonder cruise

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Callejon de Hamel: Afro-Cuban Culture in Central Havana

This 2 block alley tucked between Aramburu and Hospital streets in Central Havana wasn’t a scheduled visit on our itinerary, but after a day of getting to know each other (basically me bragging about my beautiful multiracial children and showing off their pictures), our guide made the executive decision to take us to Callejon de Hamel… and wow, I’m so glad he did. Afro-Cuban Culture: Callejon de Hamel According to our

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