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Universal Studios Hollywood: Christmas at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Christmas is officially at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Potterheads are!!! I mean, honestly, Christmas + Harry Potter? Yes, please! The kids are finally at the age (7 and 5 years old) where they both enjoy reading the Harry Potter books aloud and – not surprisingly – my son (the 5-year-old) has taken hold of Harry and made him his own. Sebastian has more

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What To Love About Knotts Merry Farm

The holiday season is here and it feels like everyone is looking forward to some holiday cheer this year. We were recently invited to Knotts Merry Farm to kick off the season and, I must say, we were wonderfully impressed. It was a cool LA day, the park wasn’t crowded and Santa was exceptionally adorable. It was a lovely family day for my little crew. Seriously, who knew that there SO

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A Family Guide to Summer in Mammoth Lakes with Kids

This post is overflowing with photos because, honestly, it was impossible to take a bad photo in this stunning locale of snow-capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, and happier-than-ever kids. We were invited by our friends at Mammoth Lakes to share everything we learned on our adventure, and we’re honored to partner with them. It’s hard to tell you exactly what this epic adventure to Mammoth Lakes with kids in tow

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Finding Summer Bliss on June Lake: Mammoth Lakes with Kids

Oh Mammoth, you’re so close to our bustling city but so far removed from life as we know it. Who knew that a treasure trove of outdoor adventure in the serene California Sierras was only a few short hours away?! Mammoth Lakes was incorporated in only 1984, but I feel like I’ve been hearing about its glory all my life. We finally set out to explore Mammoth Lakes with kids

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Staying Clean While Camping Is His Superpower

My sweet husband, bless his heart. While he would do almost anything for me, convincing him to sleep outside in a tent was has taken me over ten years to do. You see, he’s a super clean dude. Does that sound strange? It’s true though; the man loves to clean, do laundry and is very meticulous about his personal hygiene. He likes his stuff squeaky clean, so camping has never

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So We Want To Buy an RV: 10 Things Beginners Should Know

My husband and I got serious about buying an RV after we attended the California RV Show in Pomona for the first time, but the yearning to explore has been in my veins since forever. The thing is, like most American families, we have busy work schedules and a fixed budget. My husband gets a couple weeks off from work each year, the kids have school and, well, family travel

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