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When Baby Turns Toddler, Trials in Potty Training Await

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Sebastian will be a year old soon, and while his road to potty training is still a ways off, the plethora of questions I have is not.

When you have your second child, the piece of advice {or thing to remember} that you are frequently told is to not compare – every child is different. But when it comes to potty training Sebastian, versus my experience with Alina, their differences is about ALL I could think of.

Big thanks to Pull Ups for including me in the Madrinas del Baño campaign. A couple weeks ago I had the chance to consult Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton, a well-renowned Miami based pediatrician and Jeannette Kaplun, a parenting expert, author, speaker and award-winning journalist about the topic through a teleconference . We were even offered to submit specific questions, which I had plenty of.

My primary question was about the, uh, mechanics of potty training boys: Sit or Stand? I have no idea!

Potty training in today’s society can be unusually demanding. Especially as a Latina, where cultural expectations can place undue burden on moms to potty train their babies as soon as possible, it was so nice to hear supportive and laid back advice from these two parenting experts. I expected this approach from Jeannette, as I’ve met her once at a conference and have had a few exchanges online with her, she is truly one of the sweetest women I’ve met in the blogging world. But Dr. Cotton, a medical professional? He was amazing – very nurturing and supportive, mostly insisting to tune into your child when determining when to start potty training.

And when it comes to sitting or standing? Dr. Cotton says that every child is different! Some will find it more comfortable to sit, while others will want to model Dad and stand. Expose them to both and take their cue on how they want to train. Why do I over think these kinds of things?

One thing I learned for sure is that potty training Sebastian will have to be a family affair. Daddy D will be crucial in this endeavor, probably even more so than he was with Alina. And she will have a role in this too, as Alina is one of the Sebastian’s favorite people. But most of all, we’ll be waiting for his cue to start potty training.

To learn more about Pull-Ups and their Every Flush campaign visit their Facebook Fan Page and check out this video.

*Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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