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You Can Be Anything: My #WeAllGrowFamilia Recap

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Almost 6 years ago, I was pounding life into the keys of my laptop while my baby slept in our tiny Las Vegas apartment. I was resuscitating a love that was so near death, its impossible to think of a life without it. Writing, back then, was a gift in and of itself.

I wrote because, honestly, I was a new mom with Postpartum Depression and refused to take the prescribed medication (side note: don’t be like me. Read my experience as a Latina mom with PPD and become aware of the research.)

I wrote because, giving birth to a multiracial child, I was terrified the world would be racist and unjust and I wouldn’t be good enough to handle the impossibly, beautiful job of motherhood. (side note: The world is racist and unjust, but it’s also hopeful. And, despite a mom with crappy self esteem, my brown babies are really amazing and happy.)

But not until I befriended and began writing for the founders of SpanglishBaby, Ana Flores and Roxana Soto, in 2011 did I realize that sharing our Latina motherhood experiences online could change my life….


Vanessa Bell of De Su Mama, Panel Moderator

Like, seriously? Stop it. This life is out of control amazing.

Who would have thought this was possible?

Anyway, I did it: I moderated my first ever panel called Esto Es Todo: Parenting Online and In-Culture alongside brilliant product developers, marketing geniuses and entertainment gurus. We were the first panel and I was super nervous, but we got into a flow quickly and offered attendees a vision of what it takes to propel brands into huge success like my panelists had done.

california-latina-mom-blogger-vanessa-bell-2 california-latina-mom-blogger-vanessa-bell-4

#WeAllGrowFamilia Is The Event Latina Moms Need

I love being a mom. Yes, I love being a woman and I love photography. I love travel. I enjoy fashion (in moderation). I love to cook and creating food culture with my kids. I love having great girlfriends. I love being part of a community. I love soul searching. And, of course, I love writing.

But I love being a mom.

#WeAllGrowFamilia was event I didn’t know I needed: it housed everything I adore about life in one afternoon of growth, inspiration and community. Ana and her team not only pampered the attendees with a beautiful venue, #WeAllGrow Latina Network also pumped life into our bloodlines. Thank you, Munchkin Inc., for opening the doors to your stunning space and allowing Latina mom content creators to soak up our community with your home as our backdrop!

Ana, bravo! I can’t wait for next year!

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