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40 Aspirations Before 40 Years of Life

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Its been a few years since a friend turned 40-years-old and celebrated the milestone on Facebook with some wise words. For starters, I had no idea she was that much older than me. Her persona is nothing that I expected the age to represent; on-trend, still-evolving, a child the same age as mine… and totally at peace with who she had become in four decades. Her life was enigmatic, full of purpose and I was so inspired!

I’ve got several more years until I turn forty. Technically a millennial, I feel a world away from the evolved, confident woman my friend has grown to be. But I’m getting there! After my trip to Cuba last year, so many of my worldviews have changed… my whole identity has changed.

Taking a heritage trip to Cuba

So, while the big 4-0 won’t be knocking for several more years, here are 40 things I want to do and accomplish, ways I want to feel, relationships that need to be nurtured and intentions I wish to pursue as I continue to be blessed with another year of life…

My List of 40 Before 40

1.Be debt free (other than our mortgage) starting Financial Peace University this year!

2. Raise money to build a home for a mother in need New Story Campaign launching in 2017!

3. Live in Latin America for an entire summer

4. Take my family to Cuba happening 2017!

5. Celebrate my 40th with a trip to Africa (holy moly, I can’t believe I just typed that)

6. Celebrate Alina’s 10th birthday in a BIG way

7. Learn how to/routinely meditate

8. Renew marriage vows on 10th wedding anniversary

9. Document my Mother-in-Law’s story of moving from the South to California

10. Feel sexy

12. Maintain a healthy* weight and BMI

13. Play on a soccer team again

14. Start a travel photography series on the blog

15. Take a class in landscape photography

16. Spend a weekend away with my grandmother, mom and daughter

17. Visit all the National Parks in the Western United States

18. Take a wood working/carpentry class

19. Take a trip abroad with just a carry-on suitcase

20. Make our picture books from 2010-present just finished our 2016 album! 

Taking a heritage trip to Cuba

21. Throw a party for my husband (because he’s amazing)

DONE! 22. Stand on stage and give a speech – Completed on March, 2017! Wow, that was hard… but I did it! Read more and see the video clip of me as a 2017 #WeAllGrow Storyteller with Disney Princess.

23. Donate a family/child photography session to a mom who loves beautiful pictures but otherwise can’t afford a professional photo shoot

24. Take a Spanish class in Latin America to improve fluency

25. Read 3 classic novels in Spanish

26. Still cuddle my kids as casually and often as I do now

27. Take a sewing class with my son so he can design/make his own superhero costumes

28. Work with National Geographic in some capacity

29. Spend the holidays in Florida with my dad

30. Gift my brother a surprise that brings him lots of joy

31. Take Alina to the Dog Bark Park Bed & Breakfast in Idaho

32. Take a month long road trip

33. Hike 20 miles in one day

34. Camp in Channel Islands National Park, Southern California

34. Get my hair highlighted for the first time in a decade

35. Put Tinker (our dog) in an agility class

36. Become a resource to our church family

37. Create a minimalist household; teach the kids why these values work for us

38. Organize a block party with my neighbors

39. Write a love letter to each of the women I “do life with”

40. Turn 40 years old with the intention to love myself more fully than ever before

And that’s it! I’ll update this list with links to newer posts as I accomplish each dream/aspiration.

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