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5 Cuban Recipes Using A Rotisserie Chicken

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In an effort to streamline and minimize our lifestyles, I’m back on the menu planning wagon with gusto. When my babies were little and Daddy D worked super long hours, I was diligent (and it saved my sanity!) to know what was for dinner each night. I was also able to plan for the exposure of food culture for my kids and used these 5 Cuban recipes as a foundation for exposure.

With kids in sports and me working from home, life is busier than ever. Serving my family a dose of food culture that speaks to our family legacy requires hacks that I didn’t need before. In a pinch, I love that I can pop into my neighborhood Walmart for a hot rotisserie chicken and make something delicious that still tastes like my childhood. Here are 5 Cuban recipes using a rotisserie chicken that you can try in a pinch with your family, too. 5 Cuban Recipes Using A Rotisserie Chicken 5 Cuban Recipes Using A Rotisserie Chicken

Cuban Chicken Recipe #1: Mojo Chicken

Use the marinade recipe from this Cuban Mojo Chicken recipe to saute onions and infuse more flavor into the standard rotisserie chicken.

Cuban Chicken Recipe #2: Classic Cuban Meal

It doesn’t get more Cuban than a classic meal of white rice, Cuban black beans, fried plantains y un poco de pollo. Simple and full of Cuban food culture, you can also add rotisserie chicken to a classic Cuban Salad and you’ve got a winner.

Cuban Chicken Recipe #3: Cuban Chicken Soup

Wholesome and delicious, this Cuban Chicken Soup recipe is a great weeknight meal that’s easy to whip up with a rotisserie chicken.

5 Cuban Recipes Using A Rotisserie Chicken

Cuban Chicken Recipe #4: Arroz Con Pollo

I’ll admit that this Cuban recipe hack will not be as deep in flavor as the traditional method, but if you’re looking for Cuban Arroz con Pollo without all the time it takes to simmer the chicken and other ingredients, here’s an idea: chop with the rotisserie chicken and throw it into the pot of rice and flavorings to create a Cuban recipe all your own.

Cuban Chicken Recipe #5: Chicken Croquettas

Homemade croquettas are not quick to whip up, but if you’re looking for some fun in the kitchen with your kids, this is it! Using chicken instead of the traditional ham is a great alternative and a rotisserie chicken can save you a couple steps. My kids and I love this Chicken Cheese Croquetta recipe from Bren Herrera.

Establishing food culture in your family legacy during the busy week doesn’t have to be complicated. Find tricks that save time (and your sanity!), like using a rotisserie chicken.


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