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Finding Summer Bliss on June Lake: Mammoth Lakes with Kids

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Oh Mammoth, you’re so close to our bustling city but so far removed from life as we know it. Who knew that a treasure trove of outdoor adventure in the serene California Sierras was only a few short hours away?! Mammoth Lakes was incorporated in only 1984, but I feel like I’ve been hearing about its glory all my life. We finally set out to explore Mammoth Lakes with kids in tow and will be sharing our adventures with you…. including this blissful day at June Lake, which has become our most talked about summer memory.

June Lake is a quaint resort community with a sweet, rustic feel. There’s plenty of lodging in the area with everything from camp and RV sites to full-service resorts. Located along the Mono Basin and 12.5 miles from the popular camping spot, Lee Vining, June Lake is a popular destination for families. Groceries are available at the June Lake General Store, which is the perfect place to stock up on picnic items for a day on the boat like we did!

June Lake in Mammoth Lakes with Kids

Summer Activities at Mammoth Lakes with Kids

What’s a trip to Mammoth Lakes without a day of family fun at the lake? But wait, it’s even better when you’re spending time on the lake, am I right?! After 4 days of amazing summer activities, many of which we had never done before (like fly fishing!), our day of boating on June Lake was my favorite of all. It was the perfect backdrop to some of our favorite family bonding moments all summer.

From June Lake Marina, you can rent all sorts of watercrafts from row boats and small fishing boats to kayaks and even these pontoon boots for half or full day rentals. They’re easy to drive and the kind staff at the marina are very helpful. The cost is reasonable for a full excursion and the freedom to come and go as you please. We returned to dock a couple times during our rental to use the bathroom and restock beverages.

June Lake hosts a great number of summer activities at Mammoth Lakes, including the famous triathlon that was being set up the day we visited. We watched as racers swam like professionals in the freezing cold waters. We figured it wouldn’t be so bad and jumped in with them. It was ice cold, but SO refreshing!

June Lake in Mammoth Lakes with Kids June Lake in Mammoth Lakes with Kids

The Joy of Trying New Things

My dad had a boat when I was a kid and the time we spent on it are some of my favorite childhood memories. Daddy D, however, was not convinced that he’d be able to drive a watercraft. At first he said no, opting for the smaller fishing boat or kayak. But I reasoned with him (aka begged) and we rented the pontoon for a half day on June Lake.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking; D was so happy conquering a new skill. My quiet man felt so empowered that day. He needed a little push onward, but finally jumped into the adventures and was surprised to learn how much he loved being on the lake.

My little family felt so much joy that day in settling into newness that we previously thought wasn’t for us. It was scary, but it also felt amazing to launch that boat from the dock and set off on our own. The kids felt our exhilaration too, jumping the adventure with two feet. My only regret is not bringing fishing poles to catch some trout.

June Lake in Mammoth Lakes with Kids June Lake in Mammoth Lakes with Kids June Lake in Mammoth Lakes with Kids

I’ll be sharing more of our adventures in Mammoth Lakes really soon. It was an easy, flat drive from Los Angeles and offers outdoor enthusiasts plenty of fun things to do. In the meantime, I’ve been reliving this blissful summer day in my memory often. It was truly magical!

Have you found your bliss this summer?

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