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How Well Do You Know Your Skin Color?

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How well do you know your skin color? It’s true: skin color is not taboo over here. My family is a glorious range of black and brown. But despite loving it, embracing it and calling it beautiful, I still don’t know much about my skin. I was invited by Sephora inside JCPenney to try their innovative method of analyzing skin tones and helping busy moms find our perfect color match.

Here’s the scenario: after hundreds of text messages back and forth, a handful of dates considered, girls night is finally happening. I’m so excited! A night out with my mom crew is exactly what I need. Immediately, I run over to my closet and decide that a new top or outfit is in order. I could use some new makeup too; mascara for sure and, since I’ve gotten a ton of sun lately, an update to my foundation arsenal would be great. My skin color can range dramatically throughout the year, so shopping for foundation always stressed me out.

Both kids are at summer camp this morning, which gives me a couple hours to get all my shopping done. I head over to my nearest JCPenney, which happens to have a Sephora inside. YAY! This place is so clutch. Does your JCPenney have a Sephora inside? I hope so because it’s awesome and perfect for busy moms.

kat von d lock it foundation review kat von d lock it foundation review

Learning My Color IQ

Things I love (in addition to being a mom): spending time with friends, dancing and dressing up occasionally. I also really love learning new things.

Things I don’t love: wasting time and money on makeup that doesn’t work for my skin color. Seriously, being a busy mom with a limited budget means I can’t afford to lose time or money on makeup that I don’t feel good in.

So when Sephora inside JCPenney invited me to discover my Color IQ with the help from a Sephora Product Consultant, I was intrigued. My Color IQ? Turns out, finding out my Color IQ took no time at all. Using this cool device, the consultant was able to identify the color of my skin in seconds. He explained that the scanner takes a bunch of color-correct photos, taking into account texture and variations, before analyzing and providing a color code. He then entered the color code (mine was #5Y08) into an app that recommended a customized list of products that perfectly matched my skin color.

Life changed!

After a few minutes, I had a selection of foundation options that would suit my sun-kissed skin perfectly. The best part is after you have your Color IQ, you can shop online without worry by inputting your color code. The whole process took just a few minutes. Honestly, what took the most time was chatting with the consultant about photography, camera gear, and light manipulation! I was in and out of that department within 15-20 minutes.

kat von d lock it foundation review kat von d lock it foundation review My Perfect Foundation Match

After checking out a few options, I opted for Kat Von D’s Lock-It foundation because of its a high-pigment, full-coverage foundation with a matte finish and 24-hour wear. This foundation makes it easier for me to get out the door. I can apply in the morning and be ready for girls’ night in the evening without a single touch-up. I grabbed a few different shades so that I can highlight and contour to rev up my nighttime look. I am loving the matte finish! It glides on easily and is a great full coverage foundation.

I also opted for the Kat V D’s Lock-It Concealer Crème that works like magic! Adios dark circles and blemishes, this mama is going out on the town.

The best part is that, now that I have my Color IQ, I could quickly and easily pick up new foundation and concealer as needed.

kat von d lock it foundation review kat von d lock it foundation review kat von d lock it foundation review
By the time I had to pick up the kids from summer camp, I had a new outfit and fresh makeup for my girls’ night on the town. I was in and out within the hour, with time to spare to grab a coffee!

It’s days like this – when things run smooth, kids are happy and I get just a little bit of time to practice mom self-care – that make me exhale with gratitude.

Mom life really is the best life.

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