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8 Affirmations To Tell Little Girls During The Busy School Year

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Positive Parenting: 8 Simple Affirmations

During the school year, my little girl skips into her pre-kindergarten classroom and a little farther away from me. I know she’s growing up, and I embrace her developing independence, but I pray that the world continues to love her the way I have. Most of all, I yearn for her to love herself. That’s why, when her teacher explained the students could receive mail sent to the pre-k classroom, I set out to find the perfect expression of positive parenting values and daily affirmations for little girls.

Luckily for me, as the newest Hallmark Ambassador (!!), I was introduced to the perfect cards to express the affirmation values I want my girl to hear. These Studio Ink cards are gorgeous and simple, perfect for a weekly mail delivery for a certain pre-k student. Here are the 8 affirmations I’m choosing to send in the next coming weeks…

Positive Parenting: Affirmations for Little Girls

8 Daily Affirmations for Little Girls

1. Good as gold: Shimmering and bright, I affirm my daughter’s value constantly. Much like gold in our material world, her willingness to learn, outlook on others and pursuit of personal identity is as important as a golden treasure. I love the Good as Gold postcards from Hallmark’s Studio Ink because, not only are they aesthetically beautiful with a tongue-in-cheek tone, they project the simple affirmation that I find most important in raising biracial kids.

2. You bring light to life: I sing “You are my sunshine” to my kids daily. It’s a cute, simple song that instantly cheers you up. It also reminds kids that they light up life. Affirming control of one’s mood is the ultimate tool in self governance – and it feels good to know they can uplift those around them, too.

3. Life is good: Affirming that your little girl is affirming the good life also reinforces her safety. My girl feels secure in her parent’s ability to keep her safe and cared for, and that allows her to go out into the world with confidence.

4. Today is a happy day: I teach my kids (and use this affirmation to remind myself, too) that today is a happy day! Happiness is a choice. Today, and for many other days, I hope my kids choose to spend their days happy.

Positive Parenting: Affirmations for Little Girls

5. Treats of life are okay: I often view life as lots of work – with little fun – and that’s not cool. Affirming that life is full of treats (sweets or otherwise) keeps the day lighthearted and jovial. Something I definitely want my girl to remember as she gets older.

6. You are made are purpose: Raising biracial kids presents a number of unique challenges in modern-day America. Affirming that her brown skin, tight curly hair and beautiful heart was made on purpose (and that I wouldn’t want any other kind of kid) brings tremendous satisfaction to my girl.

7. Affection: I believe in affection. I’m Latina, so I guess that’s no surprise. If you want to affirm your child’s self esteem without complicated words, give them plenty of hugs and kisses. Send them this adorable MWAH! card from Studio Ink too!

8. “You are loved by me”: Do you ever hear stories of someone that didn’t hear their parents say “I love you” until adulthood? I didn’t have the most picture-perfect childhood, but holy moly, I certainly heard these affirmation every day of my life: you are loved by me. Yo te quiero tanto. Eres mi vida. Love yourself first. Teach your little girl how to love, herself and others, by modeling the behavior.

How do you affirm your little girls during the busy school year?

Positive Parenting: Affirmations for Little Girls Hallmark-Ambassador-LIASO-dsm

*Disclosure: I’m honored to be working alongside such an iconic brand as a Life Is A Special Occasion Ambassador. Hallmark, a legacy building superstar, has sponsored this post and honors the stories moms share, our various parenting styles and how we document the legacy we’re creating for our children. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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5 Discussions on
“8 Affirmations To Tell Little Girls During The Busy School Year”
  • Thank you for your positive commitment to mothers and fathers staying involved in their child’s life.

    I am passing your site on to a close friend who is adopting a bi-racial 8 year old girl. This precious little girl has already had a tragic life but her world is about to be turned right side up through the love of Carlos (from Nicaragua) and Jamie (from PA). They have one son and will open a wonderful world for this child. Jamie asked my wife how to style her hair as it is different than hers. Your site will help!

    Thank you. BTW how often does your hubby “date” your daughter? That sets a great stage for her to see how a real gentleman treats a lady.

    Thanks again for your website – Jerry

  • A quick update I hope you will enjoy!

    Yesterday at church our friend and her daughter came and the little girl was understandably shy. But at the end of our service and after our dinner I asked her if she had fun and she beamed “YES!” and “I think he is really funny.” pointing to one of our teenagers.

    I will keep you posted. It is refreshing to see what true love infused into a dark past can harvest.

    Thank you again for your posts! I’ll be back and so will my friend as I spoke to her about your wonderful information.

  • Ok I coulda sworn I had commented on this and I’m not sure what happened. But I think wordpress is eating my comments. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your beautiful post. Love you and your sweet family, and I’m so happy you’re a new Hallmark Ambassador!!

  • “Today is a happy day.” That is one I will start trying with my own kindergartener, who is having a tough time with all of the change happening right now. The other one we’ve been saying a lot is “It’s okay to be sad” (affirming that all feelings are okay), but I love the idea of reminding him he can choose happy too.

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