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Surprise! Inspiring Joy In Our Kids Just Got Easier

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I’m excited to introduce a brand that has been bringing parents and children together in joy-filled moments for the last 50 years: the Kinder brand, which is launching Kinder Joy in the US! This story is sponsored by them, but all opinions, joy-filled treats, and cute kids are all mine.

Truth be told, I’m not big into surprises. I like to know what’s in front of me, what’s on the horizon, and enjoy creating detailed plans to reach my goals. Is that lame? But also, when I think of the times I was really, truly surprised (like when my husband saved all year to buy a new laptop for Christmas because he knew how much blogging meant to me), I can’t help but appreciate the happiness that is sparked from a great surprise. When you give a surprise, you are sending a message. It says, “I see you! I love you! I wish to inspire for joy you!”.

That’s why I’m excited to partner with Kinder Joy this year. They believe moms are the ultimate Legacy Builders and that joyous surprises don’t have to be elaborately planned! Surprises should be part of our simple, everyday life. Kinder is one of the most popular chocolate brands in the world, and they are finally coming to the US with the launch of a treat like no other!

kinder joy mom review united states kinder joy mom review united states kinder joy mom review united states

Welcome Home, Kinder Joy!

Kinder Joy is a delicious treat on one side and an exciting surprise toy on the other, bringing a whole new level of surprise to everyday life. I first saw Kinder Joy eggs in the Mexico City airport on my way to Cuba last year. I picked up a few to give the kids there, and the surprise on their faces inspired me to get a few for my own kids… I had no idea they weren’t available in the States yet until now!

Kinder Joy comes in a plastic egg-shaped packaging that is comprised of two separately sealed halves. One half contains two soft creamy layers – one milk-crème flavored and one cocoa flavored. Nestled into the creamy layers are two round, chocolate-covered wafer bites that are filled with sweet cocoa cream to be eaten with the included spoon. The other half of the egg contains a surprise toy that is perfect for little hands to assemble all by themselves.

kinder joy mom review united states kinder joy mom review united states

Tips for Inspiring Joyful Surprises

Almost every kid I know loves to be surprised every now and then. My kids certainly do! It doesn’t have to be an orchestrated event either. Sebastian still talks about being surprised by our dog accompanying us for school pick up. All his friends got to meet our sweet pup and Sebas was overjoyed by that unexpected treat. Simple surprises work! Here are 4 tips for inspiring joy on a simple day through the element of surprise:

Make a plan, but don’t overthink it: Being deliberate and intentional does not mean being elaborate. The simple joys in life are all around us. A special treat, a walk to the ice cream shop, playing catch instead of doing chores…. Surprises are all around us ready to inspire everyday joy!

Focus on the joy: Keep the focus on their joy and not necessarily the treat. Kinder Joy is all about inspiring joyful moments, but they know that sweet delights can’t do that alone. Moms do the heavy lifting! For example, let the kids put the Kinder Joy toys together by themselves while savoring their smiles. Focus on the special one-on-one time together during your walk, not simply the treat. Value the emotion most of all. You know what I mean!

Savor the bond: Surprise! Kinder Joy eggs aren’t just a delicious treat. Filled with toys that kids assemble by themselves, Kinder Joy provides an opportunity to interact and play with our kids. My boy loves the sweet treat, but the playful moments with him and his new toy is the part I savor the most.

kinder joy mom review united states kinder joy mom review united states

Kinder Joy will be available on shelves starting very soon – at the end of November – just in time for the holidays! They are the perfect size for stocking stuffers, too!

I’m so excited for you to try them and enjoy the simple surprises with your kids. And Kinder has one surprise for moms, too! Kind Joy treats are made with quality ingredients as they have been making delicious treats for decades.

Let me see those beautiful babies in all their joyful moments!

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