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DIY Fabric Panel Tutorial For Outdoor Wall Decor

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We finally got our back patio ready for memory making and family legacy – including concealing a big (and dirty!) stucco wall. This vibrant outdoor wall decor idea is an easy DIY that anyone can make in a short amount of time. I’ve done this DIY Fabric Panel Tutorial before (in our living room), and thought it was a fun way to decorate our patio on a budget.

diy fabric panel tutorial for outdoor wall decor

DIY Fabric Panel Tutorial

Making fabric panels for wall decor is so super easy… and cheap! I made this big outdoor fabric panel for less than $12. No need to buy expensive stretched canvas that you’re just going to cover – just make your own frame!

To Make Your Own Fabric Panel, You’ll Need:

1×2 Lumber, cut according to your desired size*

Nails (8 total)


Stapler (yup, your standard household stapler will work just fine!)

Fabric (weather resistant for outdoor wall decor use)

A cute assistant that is able to follow instructions

diy fabric panel tutorial for outdoor wall decor diy fabric panel tutorial for outdoor wall decor diy fabric panel tutorial for outdoor wall decor

3 Simple Steps For DIY Fabric Panel Instructions

1. Design your fabric panel + assemble materials: Measure the space in which you want to hang your fabric panel. Cut the 1x2s to the dimensions required, making sure to allow for the 1/2 inch width of the stick. Most home improvement stores will make the cuts for you. These pieces should not be very expensive. Measure and cut fabric, taking into account 3 things: the orientation of the fabric design (does the design look best vertical, and you plan to hang it horizontal?), add 3-4 inches extra for wrapping and outdoor wall decor needs weather resistant fabric. I made several of these mistakes during my first DIY fabric panel attempt.

2. Make the frame: Using two nails on each side, line up the 1x2s according to your design. My panel was big, so I laid the pieces on the ground for stability. Hammer each nail into the sticks, keeping them as aligned as possible. I do the best I can, but I’m not going for perfect here – you can see where my sticks aren’t perfectly aligned and one nail started to curve. My goals was to make sure the structure was secure and as even as possible. Continue nailing until you’ve created a frame. Use your cute assistant as needed – just make sure they don’t get their fingers near the hammer!

3. Wrap the canvas: Lay down your fabric upside down. Place your newly constructed frame on top. Allow 2-3 inches of fabric around the entire frame. This ensures you won’t have gaps and cover the entire frame. Also make sure the fabric design is straight and looks the way you want it shown when hung up. Start on a side that is longest, and in the middle of its length, wrap the fabric around the stick. Don’t pull too tightly, but ensure the fabric is flush to the stick, and staple. From the center towards the corner, continue to staple the fabric to the sticks. Repeat process on second length side. And then again on the widths. Wrap the corners as you would a gift, trimming excess fabric as needed. Pull fabric taut as you go.

diy fabric panel tutorial for outdoor wall decor diy fabric panel tutorial for outdoor wall decor diy fabric panel tutorial for outdoor wall decor
And that’s it! 3 super simple steps to a DIY Fabric Panel that will bring color and pattern to any wall in (or outside of!) your home.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to help.

Happy wrapping!

diy fabric panel tutorial for outdoor wall decor

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